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Discover the root cause of your sabbotaging block as Karen guides you to REWRITE your subconscious responses. 

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  • BOOK your preferred 2 hour session time and date (next page) - Choose a time where you can relax in the a comfortable space with stong online connection and without interuption.
  • DOWNLOAD the Bonus "I Choose Freedom Audio" - Listen to the audio before sleep to familiarise your mind with the relaxation mentod to set you up for success in your session.
  • ENJOY DEEP RELAXATION in your 2hr Online Personal Hypnotherapy Session - I facilitate a powerful detective process to identify the exact patterns that are running your sabotaging thoughts and together we free them, erradicating all triggers. Once identified you will be free of the blocks holding you back. As your brain waves slow to a deeply relaxed hypnotic state, you are completely aware and in control, also enabling your nervous system to rejuvenate leaving you feeling deliciously lighter and freer.
  • POWER UP new behaviours - Listen to a personalised recording for 21 days, made just for you, to embed new behaviours into your cells. 
  • OBSERVE your transformation - I will check in with you 3 weeks post your session to share exciting insights and shifts you will start to observe in your life as you integrate the new transformed you :)
  • BONUS: Welcome To A Private Female Online Community, With Other Amazing Goddesses To Share Your Scaling Up Journey - We share experiences to lift, laugh and grow together.

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